bear flag advocate logo creationSometimes with a design, whether it’s a logo design, print design or even a website, the stars align so that everything seems to go your way. Bear Flag Advocate’s logo creation was one of these projects.

Bear Necessities

When I first sat down with my client, we spoke at length about what the advocacy was for. Bear Flag Advocate is an organization that aims to help California businesses by providing information about some of the more difficult aspects of doing business here. Things like insurance, risk management and workers compensation are handled.

My client had created a quick sketch that was a direct representation of the California flag. The flag consists of a grizzly bear on a white field with a red star above and a red stripe below. I knew that we needed to depart from this as we had potential copyright infringement and usage issues.

When I got back to the office I began to look at some photo references of grizzly bears and I quickly remembered a trip Jess and I had taken to South Dakota. While there we took a drive through Bear Country U.S.A. I had taken some great shots of their grizzly. I sent a couple of options to my client for review and he chose the shot. I created an illustration from the photo and kept the red star from the flag.

Wrapped in the Flag

The typography was styled to support the icon, and I re-introduced the red stripe from the bottom of the flag back into the design. There was a minor type change from the client, but other than that, this one was a slam-dunk.

When you have a strong, clear concept for your business or organization, it can make logo creation a smooth process. In this case a clear mission statement combined with a nice visual jumping off point pointed me in the right direction.