the disciples poster designRecently, I worked on a series of poster designs for a television pitch project. The Disciples was designed to be a twelve-part mini-series event. I was offered the chance to produce a small series of posters to help visualize the style for the project and become part of the pitch packet to help sell the pitch.

Divine Conception

Right when we first started discussing this project, I had a fairly strong idea for how the presentation should occur. Thematically the project is about how even the sinners among us can be chosen to a higher calling. I pitched the concept of listing the flaws and then concluding with “disciple,” and they loved it. We then did a scouring of stock photography sites to find images that would work as stand-ins for our disciples. We spent some money for the images and were ready to start.

Fiendish Execution

With the images gathered and the text provided, it became a question of creating the atmosphere to set these images in the right time. I created an almost mug shot approach to the faces, looking at the camera, larger than life with vivid detail (you can see the pores). I removed the color from the photos and applied a sepia tone to them. I used a folded paper overlay and some torn effects so they felt like wanted posters. The sepia and the texture helped to age the images and give the feeling of the ancient world. I also made sure to remove any clothing elements that would have made them seem modern. The type was designed to be clear but understated, so that it didn’t compete with the images.

the disciples john matthew

Several production companies are still considering the project, but I was given special permission to include the work in the portfolio. I look forward to seeing the posters with the actual actors in place, announcing the air dates.