he asked for it postcard designHe Asked for It is a provocative play that was rehearsing for its second Los Angeles run, when the playwright, Erik Patterson, contacted me about producing a postcard design for the show. I had seen the original staging and was familiar with the material, so I had some cool ideas for the design.

Approach to the Design

With the photo shoot already completed, I chose the best image to partner with the treatment I wanted to use. I really liked the simplicity of the image and wanted to preserve as much of that as possible while adding the broken glass effect that teased the events in the play. I carried through with the somewhat stark mood by keeping the type non-descript – readable but without a lot of extra context.

One of the keys to a good postcard design is to make sure you have a strong visual lead-in, followed by a clear hierarchy of information. Postcards tend to have a fleeting lifespan so you need to really create an impact and then quickly supply the rest of your message.

The Project Expands

The writer and producers liked the design so much that they asked for a promotional poster, an email advertisement and a program cover, all using the same image as the basis for the various materials. Fortunately, I was able to repurpose the postcard design for the additional materials and keep the impact (no pun intended) of the featured image. The poster was used as a backdrop for Entertainment Tonight in a feature they shot promoting one of the actors in the cast.

he asked for it poster program

By using the iconic image on all of their materials, it really helped brand the play and created a tight, integrated campaign for a small budget. If you get a chance to see He Asked for It at a local theatre, grab it.