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WordPress website design is the service I have spent most of my recent attention on. The WordPress community is amazing and the product itself is incredible. It’s relatively easy to get acquainted with and has a depth to it that can last a lifetime. WordPress accounts for nearly 20% of the entire web. It’s flexible, robust, and extensible, with that many users, it has a support structure that few other pieces of software can match.

My client for this project, Julie Diebolt Price, is a dynamo. She is involved in at least three different enterprises and it’s my firm belief that she will someday rule the world. It’s lucky for us that she’s such a sweetheart. It was my privilege to work on the redesign for her photography website JDP Photography.

Two Great Tastes

Once Julie approached me about the redesign, it was easy to see that WordPress was the right tool for the job. Julie’s existing website was built on a custom CMS (content management system – a fancy way of saying that a database was storing her content behind the scenes). Using this sort of structure is a good practice since it makes adding content to a website much more manageable. More content means better SEO (search engine optimization – getting your site to show up in Google and other engines). We started the project by assessing the content on the existing site, cleaning it up and restructuring it into a logical framework.

I supplied an architectural diagram and a wireframe for the site, which Julie approved. We discussed the pages, content and functionality for the site, and made decisions on what was needed. In addition, we talked about the “call to action” for the key pages and how we could assist that conversion process. I tweaked text, edited images, presented suggestions for plugins (especially behind-the-scenes plugins for helping with security, backups and SEO).

We truly redesigned the website.

A DIY Mind Set

I’m proud of the work I did for Julie, but even more than that I’m proud of Julie. Julie has a “do it yourself” mindset. Now, she’s smart enough to hire folks who have the expertise to do the work that she can’t or hasn’t mastered (yet!). But Julie likes to look under the hood and tweak and make sure the message is EXACTLY the message she wants it to be. Since the website launched, Julie has been blogging almost every week, slowly and carefully adding to the site and thereby providing new relevant content to her visitors, as well as new food for the search engines to chew on. She’s already gotten some business from the site and I hope it generates a ton more for her.

Now maybe you’re not a dynamo like Julie and maybe you don’t think you could blog every week (it is hard work). There are things you can do to improve your writing, or people you can hire who will write for you. The bottom line for a successful site is that you want people to find it and you want it to be able to create the effect you need – whether that’s an email address, a seminar sign up or selling widgets – WordPress website design provides a great starting point for almost any project.

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