pg smith design website design

I recently completed a website design for Patrick G. Smith. Patrick is an old-school sign painter and a really talented artist (not to mention a fantastic musician). On top of all of that, he’s a fun guy to spend time with and we had a lot of common interests that made working together even better.

Out With the Old

Patrick had an existing starter website and he had spent the time to get some information about himself up there. In reviewing the site the biggest thing that was missing for me was photography of his work. So that was the first thing we talked about for the redesign. We also talked about what kind of content he wanted to have on the site. I thought it was really cool that one of the things he was most passionate about was having some educational content.

Sign painting is one of those art forms that has been marginalized with the proliferation of the computer. A lot of sign makers have gone completely digital and don’t embrace the craft in the same way. Patrick has been painting signs since 1972 and he not only loves the art, but he’s involved with the community of fellow sign painters. He has learned to work with the computer as a design tool, but knows (and still uses) traditional techniques whenever the project calls for it. His body of work is impressive and hanging out in his studio is a treat.

In With the New

pg smith design iconAs we began structuring the site and making decisions, Patrick became more interested in the visuals for the site. He had some strong input into how he wanted the pages to look and I was happy to support his art direction using my technical know-how to get it done right. He has the portfolio he needs and since we used WordPress for the website design, he has the added benefits of being SEO-friendly. I used the categories on the site to present the different types of information that Patrick wanted to be able to roll out. Best of all, I provided some basic training so he can keep adding content to the site as he completes new projects.

My hope is that the site showcases the quality and technique that Patrick brings to the table.

P.G. Smith Design