send out cards ad designRecently, I was contacted by Jim Lytle to produce an ad design for the lobby of the Chamber of Commerce in Orange. Jim and I had spoken previously and I was glad that he asked me to tackle the project. We met briefly, discussed the content for the ad and talked about the order of importance for the information.

Faster Than a Speeding Bullet

I got started on the project immediately as Jim had a tight deadline for submitting the artwork to the company that handled the ad placement. First, I sent some stock photo suggestions via email, created the QR code for the ad, cleaned up Jim’s headshot and created the template for the ad based on the specifications provided to Jim from the company providing the frame and placement for the ad. Jim got back to me quickly and I purchased the stock images and finished the design. Everything from the meeting to Jim’s final approval happened in one day. Now it happened to be an open day in my schedule, which worked well, but we beat the schedule by a full 24 hours so the company had ample time to look over the final PDF and make sure they had everything they needed.

A Great Service

Jim is a representative for Send Out Cards. They provide a great service where they will send greeting cards, thank you cards and gifts of all kinds to your clients, family or friends, at intervals you set up. It’s like having a printer and mail house all at the convenience of your keyboard.
If you find yourself in need of a card or looking for a way to manage your birthday lists, take a look at Send Out Cards.