sierra republic company logo designWhen my friend Randy Koeneke needed a company logo design for his new business venture, he called upon my services. Randy is a risk management and corporate insurance advisor and is super professional. Sierra Republic is a rebranding of Randy’s company, prompted by a name change and a desire to improve the attractiveness of his content.

Linking to the Past

Apparently you can’t use the word “trust” in your name if you’re selling insurance in California – go figure. Randy is a stickler for following the letter of the law, so he changed his name from Sierra Trust to Sierra Republic. As a result, he decided it was high time he had a logo that would be more in line with his offering. He wanted to maintain the link with the “Sierra” component of the logo – a firm tie to California and an important part of the brand.

Building for the Future

I started off by taking a look at some stock photos of the actual Sierra Nevada mountain range that runs through California. I then created an illustration of the section of the range that I liked. The logo combines that hand-drawn style with two modern typefaces to create a mood of stability and trust, while also tying into the feel of the outdoors. The color choices meshed really well with the emotional message of the logo.

sierra republic spec sheetAs a final step for most of the logo design projects I undertake, I build a specifications sheet to give my clients a breakdown of the information pertinent to their logo – sort of like a user’s manual. This helps them to match type and color, as well as to give some guidelines on how the logo should be used. It’s not as full-featured as a style guide would be, but it’s usually enough for most of my clients. Randy’s logo had the unique characteristic of needing extra space along the top edge to give the mountain icon the room it needed to breathe. I indicated this for him in his specification sheet.