sperry van ness brochure designMy contacts at Sperry Van Ness needed a brochure design that spelled out their value to brokers. Sperry Van Ness is a powerful player in the commercial real estate industry. They have a fairly complicated message that needs to be communicated in almost all of their business materials. No stranger to this process, Sperry’s head of marketing came prepared with the text for the brochure design packaged for me to digest.

Figuring the Format

The art director at Sperry had some specific requests for the project, namely that it would include a die cut based on the silhouette of some buildings and that we would print with a spot metallic ink. Aside from these two caveats, the field was pretty open. My first goal was to present some formats that would fit the text provided and highlight the die cut. I presented two quick mock-ups of the brochure and they chose the format you see here.

Working Through the Brochure Design

Once the format was decided, I needed to come up with a cover that would make use of the metallic ink and the cityscape die cut. I chose a stock image of some skyscrapers and used it to create some tension with the other elements. This made for a strong focal point and some excitement for a fairly mundane subject matter. I used the same image on the fold over flap, which also had the city die cut (reversed to create a less uniform city) creating a second “row” of buildings behind the first. Finally a bright blue sky was printed on the inside center of the piece so when the brochure was folded, it looked like a city with a bright blue backdrop.

sperry van ness unfolded

Wrapping Up

Sperry Van Ness has a strong logo and a specific blue spot color. The job was printed in three colors: blue, black and metallic silver. One final detail, a spot for a business card, was added to the design and fortunately we had just enough space to make it work. After a few final revisions the brochure was complete and I packaged it for their printers.