tasin folder designThe Tribal Alliance of Sovereign Indian Nations (TASIN) needed a new folder design. I was working for a company that did a lot of work with the Indian nations around Southern California. There was a lot of learning inherent to the position. The emphasis on culture and heritage was really important to the tribes, not only to teach to the younger members of the tribe, but to share with the local communities as well.


TASIN is an organization that creates a United Nations-like approach to the local Indian nations. In this way they can meet and talk about their political and economic difficulties in dealing with other tribes, environmental issues, land into trust issues, or with the Californian government. The folder design was created to present materials to other political entities.

The Folder

A folder design is a great place to create a visual impact. The purpose of the piece is immediately apparent because of the format. In general, this means you can use the space for a purely visual presentation and not concern yourself with a lot of specific content. For this design the important aspect was to create a sense of the history and longevity of the tribes. It’s politically important for the tribes to be able to point to their long history.

The images used in the background utilize a local tribe’s basket-weaving techniques. These images were overlaid on an image of a tree trunk section so you can see the concentric rings of growth indicating the passage of time. The TASIN logo was overlaid on the central section of the trunk as an analogy for the organization harkening back to a time when the tree would have first been growing.

This is one of the older pieces in my portfolio, but I’ve always been fond of it. It has a richness that keeps it relevant.