uma fund invitation designI was asked to provide a digital invitation design for a fundraising benefit. A local actress, Uma Nithipalan, had suffered a devastating aneurism and her husband and friends put together a benefit to help raise money to pay for a multi-year rehabilitation program to help Uma recover.

Out of Nowhere

When we first heard about Uma’s aneurism, we were in a state of shock. That she survived the damage and rehabilitated herself so far was an amazing feat, but she needed some help. Unfortunately, that help was expensive. It was the least I could do to donate my services for the invitation design. The invitation was sent out to email lists among the L.A. theater scene that Uma was a part of, and used on a website put together to promote the event.

Balancing Act

The image used as the basis for the invitation is Uma and her husband John in a warm embrace. The tricky part of the design was keeping the type (which was fairly extensive) from obscuring the image, while also allowing it to be large enough to be read in a digital presentation.
I’ve talked about hierarchy of information before and it was the most important part of designing this invitation. There was no follow up information – it had to grab your attention and then feed you the information in descending order of importance. I primarily used size to delineate the hierarchy so the who, what, where, when and how get digested before the rest of the information on the invite.

I’m happy to say that the fundraising efforts helped Uma to get into the rehabilitation program. She is still working, but I think she got a good start.