western states business card design

Darin Kuwahara, the owner of Western States Communications, called me to help him with his logo, stationary and business card design, so he could get to work. Now, I’ve known Darin since high school so it was a pretty fast and easy series of conversations.

Disorder in the Court

Darin had a very clear idea of what he wanted for his logo. I always like to start here if I have the option to. A logo really sets the tone for the rest of the materials for a business. Fonts, colors and most importantly, the feel of the brand, are usually gleaned from the logo design. I carried out Darin’s direction and then moved on to the business cards. For the cards I wanted to give the logo plenty of white space to breathe in and make sure that all of the contact information was very accessible. I created a strong implied line along the left edge of the type, and this served a great balance for the compass rose in the logo’s icon. At the same time I built a letterhead design for the company so Darin had something to use for invoicing or other correspondence.

Hokus Pokus

Shortly after I sent Darin his logo, business card and letterhead files, he called again to get his website going. For his site, he had a small list of requirements and I was able to find a CSS template that matched his needs. Most of Darin’s requirements were to have a site where he could direct people to answer some basic questions about the work they needed him to perform.

western states website design

Monkey Businessmen

I really liked working with Darin, as I said, I’ve known him forever and I honestly want him to succeed. I think I’ve almost got him talked into doing a redesign of the site – this time using WordPress so we can spike his SEO efforts and start attracting new business. Darin was easy to work with but we don’t agree on everything. While we both love the Three Stooges (in fact all of the section breaks have been Stooges’ episode titles), Darin erroneously thinks Shemp was the best. I, and the rest of the sane world, know it was Curly.

western states shirt and hat

Western States Communications